About Us



   ICT is a non-profit organization established in 1989 by a group of professionals, businessmen and a scholar of Islam

   It came into existence when it was discovered that upto 50% of zakat and donations were being usurped by managers of charitable organizations instead of being used for the purpose they were intended for.

  In 1990, ICT printed pamphlets on various Islamic topics for free distribution.

   In 1992, an Islamic Correspondence course (in Urdu and English) was developed and over 1500 people received certificates on completion of this course, till now.

   In 1998, ICT published small booklets on topics of important needs such as "Diseases and their cures from Islamic teachings",24 Hours with the Prophet (peace be upon him). These pocket size booklets are of 128 pages in length.

   In 2007 We printed a Quran with 640 pages on imported white paper and others books like 1000 Ahadith from Bukhari Muslim and Mishkat and some other medium size books, like Tafseer ibn-e-kathir,` etc.

   These books are sold at subsidized prices. We are currently printing 150,000 Quran, books, pamphlets, stickers etc. every year.

   All ICT material is now put on the internet for all mankind.

    We invite you to join us in our effort.

Chairman :               Mr. Mohammad Obaidullah
Board of Director:  1. Mr. Abdus Salam
Mr. Arif Obaid