The International Islamic Correspondence School
Department of Quranic Studies




  • Why are we confused?
  • Why are our problems increasing day by day?
  • Why are we afraid all the time?
  • Has this situation been there for a long time?

  • Are there reasons for this state of affairs? ...Can we solve this dilemma?

    Certainly we can find a solution !

    Insha Allah we will show you a definite way out and help you to overcome all your worries through the glorious teachings of the Quran!


    The Quran is the only holy book that led and still leads the muslims to exaltation.
    The Quran led them to extend the modern sciences throughout the world.
    The Quran is the only holy book that has taught worldly sciences and has revolutionized the West.

    It is the only holy book that has inspired the modern scientists.
    It is the only holy book that its mere recitation melted the hearts of prominent non-believers and they gladly and willingly embraced the everlasting faith in Islam.

    And it is the only holy book which clearly deals with all human problems, and teaches how to solve them.

    Surely the teachings of this book makes the worldly and the life after of a muslim peaceful.

    We have undertaken to convey to you all the necessary guidance from Almighty Allah's last holy book "the Quran" and for this purpose we have established a school called :


  • You can obtain information and guidance for all your problems through the Quranic teachings from us by correspondence. There is no fee for this course.

  • The course is called "The Basic Quranic Studies". It has been made simple, brief and interesting to enable you to learn the basics about Islam. In this course, you will discover many new things.

  • This is the only way to solve your problems

  • The I.I.C.S. welcomes you as a student.