The International Islamic Correspondence School
Department of Quranic Studies


Courses Offered

At the moment we are offering the following course only. Other courses will be added in the future God Willing.

TYI100:Basic Quran Course

Table of Contents

1. Lesson 0: Synopsis
2. Lesson 1: Introduction to the Holy Quran
3. Lesson 2: A Comparitve Study of the Holy Quran and the Scriptures Before it
4. Lesson 3: Creation of Mankind and the Prophet's Call
5. Lesson 4: The Blessings of Divine Unity
6. Lesson 5: The Harms of Idolatory
7. Lesson 6: Islam for Everyone
8. Lesson 7: Call of Islam for Love and Fraternity
9. Lesson 8: The Concept of Worship and its Categories
10. Lesson 9: The Benefits of Worship
11. Lesson 10: The Qualities and Rewards of One who worships Allah
12. Lesson 11: Teachings of Islam about Honesty and Trustworthiness and their effects
13. Lesson 12: Fairness in Dealing
14. Lesson 13: Economic Problems and their Solutions
15. Lesson 14: Justice, Equity and Sense of Responsibility
16. Lesson 15: Islam and Modern Science
17. Conclusion