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In lesson No. 1 “Introduction to Al-Quran” we had mentioned that The Holy Qur’an offers solution to all problems, till the dooms day. We had promised to study the solutions to these problems in the following lessons. While meeting this promise, we shall mention some problems, which have kept the entire world uneasy and would simultaneously suggest their solutions in the light of T.H.Q. Because it is true that T.H.Q. is the only Book which offers clear, easy and all abiding solution to these problems totally.

1. One of the problems that the modern world faces is unreliability. To rely on anyone is as difficult as to ascend without a stair. The habit of telling lies, not only destroys one morally, but also involves him in many social ills. So much so, that he conceals all his misdeeds under a bunch of lies and becomes a sore for society. Today all the world suffers from the destruction which comes from telling lies. Islam suggests the solution for these dangerous problems in a clear and easy manner, and teaches us to adopt truth all the time.

ALLAH, the Magnificent, says :

“O ye who believe ! fear ALLAH and be with those who are true (in word and deed). (9 : 119)

2. Deceitfullness and looting of others’ belongings have become a source of wory for the present society. Simply punishing the criminals does not offer a solution to the problem. Calprits come out of the Jail and restart their criminal activities.

Islam approaches this problem spirtually and psychologically in such a manner that by precticing the teaching of Islam, moral awakening in honesty and trustiworthiness is achieved successfully. As a result the criminals not only learn to live in peace but they themselve become a source of peace to the society.

ALLAH, the Magnificent, says :

O ye who believe! Eat not up your property among yourselves in vanities: But let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual good-will nor kill (or destroy) yourselves, for verily ALLAH hath been to you Most Merciful! If any do that in rancor and injustice, - soon shall We cast them into the Fire: and easy it is for ALLAH. (4:29-30)

3. Crime - control agencies of the entire world are fed up and worried about many disturbing problems particularly due to the increase in crimes like sanggling and forgery. Islam suggests an easy remedy to deal with such crimes by creating a sense of honesty and trustworthiness. Once a person is honest and reliable he will surely progress through his devotion and hard work. Such a person will seldom snatch the credit achieved by the hard work of other. He will also not squander away money illegally. Obviously if such noble qualities are developed in the member of any society, the society will become a very pleasant and flourshing group of people.

ALLAH, the Magnificent, says :

ALLAH doth command you to render back your Trusts to those to whom they are tue; and when ye judge between man and man, hat ye judge with justice. Verily how excellent is the teaching which He giveth you! For ALLAH is He Who hearth and seeth all thiows. (4:58)

4. One of the reason for crime increase is due it the fact that the miscreants can get a favourable decision through false witnesses. This deprives the rights of other honest people. Therefore it results in sequence of crimes. Since Islam has forbidden the false witnesses, it has shut the doors to all possible issues which may came up to falsehold.

ALLAH, the Magnificent, says :

And shun the word that is false. (22 :30)

5. In this lesson you have learned about the far reaching effects of another prominent aspect of Islamic values. Namely honesty, reliability and trust worthiness, of which a few are quoted below :

(a) By honouring promises, an atmosphere of mutual trust is created, which satisfies every body.

(b) By creating the quality of righteousness Islam has remedied all the misdeeds possible by falsehood.

(c) Islam is the only religion which by projecting the concept of Righteousness, provides every one safety in life and property.



After learning the lesson answer the following questions according to instructions:

1. There are many vexing problems faced by the world, only one has been mentioned in para No. 1, that is, “lack of trust”. Read the para once again carefully, and tell the basic reason for lack of trust and what teaching is provided by Quran for solving this problem?

(a) The basic reason for lack of trust is :

(b) Quranic teaching :

(c) The translation of the verse in which this teaching have been given:

2. Deceit and looting are such problems which have kept the entire world ill at ease. Point out, after reading para No. 2, how does Islam solve this problem? Do you agree with this solution ?

(a) Islamic solution of deceit and looting is:

(b) Do you agree with this solution ?

If you agree with this solutions, adopt it in your practical life and lay the foundation of a healthy society. If you do not agree with it, write the solution you consider right, which could be put into practice in all the nations, at all the places and at all periods:

3. (a) Write the translation of verse (An-Nisa / 58), given in para No. 3:

(b) Tell us, solution to what problems have been suggested in this blessed verse ?

4. Fill in the blanks :

By banning false witness, Islam has closed the door of _________________________________

5. You have learnt a number of useful things from this lesson Mention any two of them of keep it with you for your record.

(i) ____________________________________

(ii) ____________________________